Board of Directors

board1The Pennsylvania Art Education Association is a state association, part of the  National Art Education Association. The Pennsylvania Art Education Association actively supports and promotes visual art education through professional development, leadership, and service.

The PAEA Leadership Council and Board of Directors provide leadership for the organization, which serves approximately 900 members.

Leadership Council

Mary Elizabeth Meier, Ph.D.
President 2012-2014
NAEA Delegate 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

Diane Wilkin 
President-Elect 2012-2014
Team East Delegate 2012 & 2013
NAEA Delegate 2014

Kris Fontes
Past President 2012-2014
NAEA Delegate 2009,2010,2011 & 2012

Amy Anderson
Interim Treasurer
Conference Committee
NAEA Delegate 2012, 2013

Kris Troxell
Interim Secretary
Newsletter Committee

Division Directors

Sandy Corson
Elementary Division Director

Leslie Ann Kunkel
Middle Level Division Director
Region 1 Representative

Alyce Grunt
Secondary Division Director

Emilee Taylor
Administration and Supervision

Heather Fountain, Ph.D.
Higher Education Division Director

Wendy Pires
Museum Education Division Director
Region 7 Co-Representative

Non-Public Ed Division Director

Sandy Wood
Retired Division Director

Kristina Kopfer
Student Representative

Regional Representatives

Leslie Kunkel
Region 1 Representative

Christina Martin
Region 2 Representative

Jessica Souchik
Region 3 Representative
Awards Chair

Karen Lintner & Julia Nelson
Region 4 Co-Representatives

Marcy Bogdanich
Region 5 Representative

Joy L.Knepp
Region 6 Representative

Melissa Gallagher
Region 7 Co-Representative

Wendy Pires
Region 7 Co-Representative
Museum Education Division Director

Region 8 Representative

Selena Mazella & Jenna Casaldi
Region 9 Co-Representatives

Kristin Baxter, Ed.D.
Region 10 Representative

David Miller & Ian White Williams
Region 11 Co-Representatives

Lisbeth Bucci & Robin Brewer
Region 12 Co-Representatives

Standing/Special Committees and Representatives

Wanda B. Knight, Ph.D.
Multiethnic Concerns

Beth Cornell
Professional Concerns Chair

Christine Besack 
Advocacy & Public Relations Committee Chair
Conference Committee, Vendors and Exhibitor Coordinator

Laurie Harnish & Ashley Gogoj
Youth Art Month Special Committee Co-Chairs

Amy Migliore
Design Education Special Committee Chair

Leslie Gates, Ph.D.
Conference Administrator

Rachel Drumheller
Exhibitions Chair

Arts in Special Education

Jackie Thomas
Fellows Representative
Clyde M. McGeary Scholarship Chair

Ian White Williams
Mary Elizabeth Meier, Ph.D.
Kris Fontes